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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


After looking at Pintrist enough, one can enter Michaels and feel like super crafty woman... able to take on any project!  My first one went pretty well!  First I found a picture on Etsy, saw a "how to" video on you tube from a wedding décor website, bought the supplies, experimented a little bit, fought with the grey paint and viola... Nebraksa (red/white/gray) décor for my basement!  I started with this picture:

 I found some paints for 50 cents each
A crate of Mason jars

Swirled the paint all around the jar, leaving it on it's end to drain out. 

 I battled a little with the gray, it kept sliding off the jar and down the sides. 
I ended up washing two jars and starting over.
 Finished project!  Really brightens up the window wells in the basement!

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