Well, the Golden Retriever isn't a puppy anymore and the plus one is almost 3. It's craziness here!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My Grandpa has had a rough go of it these past couple of weeks.  First he suffered a heart attack.  It was about 7:30 in the morning and 911 was called right away.  He was out of surgery with a stent by 11:00.  He recovered pretty well despite getting pretty confused and unruly at night in the hospital.  Four days later he was just starting to get out of the house and suffered a stroke.  He was across the street from a fire station and was immediately brought to the hospital and given "clot buster".   By the time I arrived 3 days later his strength had completely returned and he was physically doing much better.  Again, more confusion and unruly behavior in the hospital, worse at night!  Luckily, he has pretty much returned to his normal self.  Maddy got to visit him when he came home the next day!

we love our papa!

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