Well, the Golden Retriever isn't a puppy anymore and the plus one is almost 3. It's craziness here!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

3rd birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to my "baby".  I can't believe how big she has gotten.  She is such a wonderful, sweet little person.  I'm so lucky to be her mom.  She wanted to have a princess party and after thinking about it for a little bit suddenly stated "I want a tea party".  So a princess tea party it is:

 Cupcakes in cones, atop sugar cookie with sour string for a handle = tea cup cupcakes

 four generations
 Matching dress with her doll

 Papa helping put on a princess dress

Thursday, April 3, 2014


American Girl Place....  wow, have they got it down and have thought of everything!!!  There are so many dolls to choose from or create your own to look just like you, buy clothes to match your doll, eat lunch with your doll, get your hair cut with your doll, and it goes on and on....  Maddy had a great time as Grandma and Mimi spoiled her with a doll , lunch and clothes!   We all had a great time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dollar Store Decorating

Thanks to Pintrest and Youtube, I decorated for Maddy's 3 year old princess tea party for about 5 bucks.  Thanks to the dollar store for some doilies, tissue paper and pipe cleaners and we had a tea party.  Here are the ingredients:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

When I grow up...

This is just about the funniest thing I've seen in a while....  I'm not sure why Snow White, although it probably could have been any princess. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Maddy was just so excited for the Daddy Daughter Dance.  She had such a good time she talked about it for weeks.  Rob and Maddy went with Keith and Tessa.   Sitting in the chair while her finger nails dry:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swim Lessons

With not a lot of time to play outside, we decided it was time for swim lessons.  Here are a few of the pictures.  I'm obsessed with taking pictures of her in the water, there are about 100 more...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bad Winter

We had a terrible winter.  We had snow constantly from before we left for Oregon for Christmas until mid March.  It just kept coming and there was no place to put it.  Thank goodness when Bill and Leslie moved they left us their snow blower!!!   The snow piles are taller than Maddy.

  Inside for some hot chocolate:

Stuck inside we made princesses out of play-doh.  One of these is Ariel (with a fin), one is Rapunzel with long hair and one is Cinderella with glass slippers.  Can you guess which is which??

Dare I say the snow is rather pretty??

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Maddy got to meet some of Rob's family for the first time.  Grandma Lucy and Maddy had a great time.  Maddy got to spend a lot of time with Hannah and is just in love.  We had Christmas dinner with Geoff's family and it was wonderful.  We each had a "popper" and inside was a hat to wear, a toy and some jokes.  It was a great time!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meeting baby Eli

We drove to Seattle for the day to meet our new niece, Elizabeth Grace.  She is such a good baby and just adorable.  Maddy kept saying that she was going to meet her baby....