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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toilet Training

I decided that it was time to give toilet training a try...  I honestly wasn't sure if she was ready, and to be honest I was quite nervous, but it was getting to be time.  She had been going on the potty occasionally at daycare and rarely at home but I knew that she could physically do it, pull up and down her pants, etc.  I took some advice from books, the internet and my mother-in-law.  She suggested the method in the book below and it worked like a charm.  The first is to practice with a doll.  So we got a doll that "goes" on the potty.  She would practice all the steps with the baby.  Then we went cold turkey.  Lots of fluids, stay close to home, into fancy underpants.  We would have "dry pants check" and she would get a treat if she was dry.  Every 15 minutes we would go to the potty and practice the process.  She would get treats and stickers for success.  Then more salty treats to promote more drinking.  This was my full time job for the weekend but it worked!  She has only had three accidents in the entire first week.  She is so proud of herself and I'm even more proud.

 When she grows up, don't tell her I put a picture of her on the toilet on the internet!
I needed to run some errands and she wanted to stay in her underpants, so a travel toilet was the solution. I figured it would come in handy over the next year when there isn't always a clean potty available.

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