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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Second day at Great Wolf Lodge

Our second day (first morning) at GWL, started out rainy.  So we visited the children's museum in Traverse City.  It was a cute museum with mostly boat, lighthouse, and fish themed exhibits.  I can tell Maddy is getting older because she is able to run around and do things on her own now.  We returned for lunch and nap and the sun finally came out!!  We spent the entire afternoon, into the evening outside by the pool.  First she would only sit on my lap, then she would sit on MiMi's lap in the pool and then be held in the pool.  Eventually she was "swimming" around in her swimmy-ring type floatation device while holding my fingers.  She would announce "I'm swimming, like Ariel".  She eventually advanced to jumping into the pool with me holding her of course!  We had a great time.

 A boat at the children's museum
 Jumping in
 Pizza delivered pool side for dinner!

 The clock tower for our second story time
At first she tried sitting alone...  Then she got scared and covered her eyes...  Then cried and yelled for mommy!
Mommy to the rescue!
Doing the great wolf howl...  stomp, stomp.  Clap, clap.  Howllllllllll

More good night stories with MiMi

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