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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First night at Great Wolf Lodge

We had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge.  It was about a 3 hour ride up and after stopping for a "quick" lunch at KFC we hoped that the kids would nap for the drive.  Cousin George got that memo, Maddy did not.  Overall, she did OK, even without a nap.  We had a fun time, she eventually opened up and got in the water a little bit on the first day.  We then had dinner and met by the clock tower for story time.  They were both pretty excited but I had to sit with Maddy.  I knew a character was going to come out and I figured she would have a melt down.  She actually did OK and wanted to meet the character.  It helped that it was a girl with a cute pink bow!

 Driving on the trip up, supposed to be sleeping!  I even brought a plug to help persuade nap time!
 A self portrait by the entrance
 Here she is checking out the line to see Violet the Wolf and seeing what is going on up there!

She shook Violets hand and touched her too! 

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