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Friday, July 12, 2013

car tar

To add to the craziness that is our life lately...  my car had tar splattered all over it!  I was at the gym, running away on a treadmill like a good little girl.  The lady from the front desk came into the workout area and asks if anyone drives a red Infinity or a black Honda accord.  Well, I drive a red Infinity...  I knew this was not a good thing.  There was a man in a florescent yellow construction looking shirt and says that he is a roofer and was working on the roof next door.  They were lowering a bucket of tar/asphalt off the roof and it fell, splattering all over my car.  Sticky, toxic, nasty globs all over.  No detailing places near-by were available so I got to the dealer quickly.  They took off one spot with whatever goo remover they have and it was already taking the paint off.  The roofing company's insurance company was very cooperative and I just got my care back today, looks brand new!  No dings, scratches and most importantly no tar splotches!

 My tar splattered car, it was everywhere!!

 You can see two spots where they removed the tar, pain coming off.

This is the parking spot at my gym, I was parked in the second spot where the blue SUV is currently and the roof in the background is where they were working. 

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