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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Out of space

Hmmm..  I seem to have taken up all of my free space to upload pictures.  Until I solve this problem I'll do a quick little remember when...  Things I always want to remember about my sweet little girl....

- I wish I could bottle up me sitting in her rocker rocking her to sleep.  She will only let me do this for about 1/2-1 song and then wants to be put directly into bed.  But that time before when she snuggles into my neck and hugs me while I rock her is priceless.
- She continues to be quite a dancer...  She will rock her hips from side to side when any music comes on, a commercial, the radio, a toy, or the computer...  She has started moving her arms and singing along.
- She loves buses and trucks.  She looks intently for them on the way to daycare.  It's nice that we pass such busy streets that we almost always see a few of each.  As the truck drives off she asks and signs "more truck"??
- She has started learning names and can sort of say her teachers names.
- She says thank-you and please, sometimes even unprompted   We were at the library and after we checked out and I grabbed the books her little voice chimes in "tank-you".  All the librarians thought she was so cute and I beamed with pride!
- Her vocabulary is growing like crazy!  This morning she was saying from her crib "dada, are you?" with the exact tone to mean, 'dada, where are you?'.
- She has pretty much lost interest in actually going potty on the toilet...  She likes to sit on it but nothing comes out.  It is quite early but with her strong personality I sense a struggle coming on...
- She continues to give out hugs and kisses.  If she falls down or gets upset and needs a hug, she will walk up with her outstretched arms and demand "hug".  She is just so sweet!!
- She has become very proud of her art and is very excited to come home and hang her projects on her wall.

We love you Sweetie!!!

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