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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Magnificent Mile Light parade

Maddy and I braved the crowds, traffic, and limited parking to make our way to the parade.  We went with the Peterson's and had a great time.  We ended up about 10 rows of people back but I put Maddy on my shoulders and she could see some of the parade.  When Donald Duck and Daisy Duck when by she was screaming Duck and pointing.  She was even more animated when Santa's float came by and started clapping.   I think that she is going to enjoy parades for the next few years.  Maybe next year we will actually get there early enough to have a front row seat!  Here are some pictures from the paper and one of me and her watching the parade:

 At one point she started saying "Minnie, Minnie" so I hope that she saw this!

 This was where we watched the parade, we were possibly at the bottom of this picture, probably 10 rows of people back.  The fireworks were let off near here and she was not such a big fan!

A picture of us watching!!  It was such a nice night we didn't need our hats and 'mitts' until the end.

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