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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Green Thumb

I'm going to brag a little bit about my green thumb.  Normally i'm really good at killing plants.  I get busy and forget to water them.  And even though it has been a very dry summer my plants are doing well.  I'm remembering to water them, partly because Maddy loves to help.  This is my cherry tomato plant today:

It is HUGE!!!  Way outgrown the tomato cage I have holding it.  

 This is all three plants.  To the left I have a green pepper plant.  The middle plant is a determinate tomato with basil on the left and parsley on the right. The far right is the cherry tomato plant.  You may also notice a few forks in the soil, it has done a fair job of keeping our chipmunks out!

 These are the cherry tomatoes already growing and so many more on the plant....  there are over three dozen and I just stopped counting.  I can't wait to get some mozzarella and make a great Caprese salad!

This is what the plants looked like when I started, I took these pictures on 5/28, just one month ago!

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