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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweetest baby ever!!!

OK, so I'm sure that everyone thinks that their baby is the sweetest thing ever....  but I'm telling you mine is!  She is just so fun.  For Christmas she opened three baby dolls.  The one from GiGi is all soft and she seems to like it the best for now.  Her grandma taught her to give her baby love.  She takes that thing and almost smothers it, she hugs it, kisses it and just loves that little baby.  She now will give us love, and cuddle in for a hug.
   Second reason she is the sweetest baby ever...  her dancing.  All we need to say is "dance, dance, dance...  Maddy loves to dance" and she starts to shake it.  I have a video and it just melts my heart.    Here is the evidence:

"Give your baby some love"

I think that the evidence is clear.   

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