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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 recap

Well, 2010 was a quite year for us.   We started the year with selling our condo and pretty much the worst news of our lives.  We got the call about our final offer being accepted on our condo several days after learning that Rob's dad had a brain tumor.  Stunned is about the only word I can think of to describe how we were feeling.  After packing up our condo and realizing we weren't quite ready to commit to a house, we moved into an apartment.  We chose a dog friendly apartment and in March purchased our first baby girl, Red.  She was just about the cutest thing ever!  This is the day we took her home from her breeder, Rob was the first to hold her:
We were pretty busy in the spring traveling to Omaha, moving into an apartment, and training our new family member.  We also took a family trip to Duke University for a second option to see the experts about treatment to the brain tumor.  We had a nice trip despite the reason for going.  
Early in May my brother and his wife made me an aunt!   Their adorable baby was named Makinley and she is just so cute and is growing up to have quite a cute little personality.  
We had some more excitement as we decided on a house.  We had been interested in a house in Palatine and had put our looking on hold few a few months after we moved into the apartment.  The owners new about us and Rob's dad and really seemed to take a liking to our family.  They had gotten an offer on the house and gave us the chance to make a counter offer.  We moved into our new house at the end of July.

We enjoyed watching our friends children grow and spending time with friends and family over the summer. Red was spayed with minimal complications and graduated from puppy class with flying colors!  She did need a blow up collar to prevent her from licking her red incision and hated every second of the collar: 
In the middle of July we had probably the most exciting news of our lives.  I was pregnant.  That is when I started this blog so you can look back at the beginning to see all of that info.   I started to get sick the same week that we moved into the house.  Probably the worst timing ever but we did it.  It was so fun to tell everyone about the baby!  Growing a baby inside me is probably the coolest and strangest thing I have ever done!  I also took the annual trip to Shipshewana, attended many showers for my sister and unpacked as much as I could every day.  The summer passed quickly.  Rob traveled to Omaha frequently to visit his dad and we started with Nebraska games every weekend during the fall.  I continued to grow.  I went to San Francisco for a work meeting and returned home to find my puppy with some stitches after a bad encounter with our neighbors dog.  She came out of the attack with minimal damage and her dad took such good care of her!  At the end of September by sister made me an aunt for the second time this year!!!    
Rob's dad's symptoms started to worsen at the end of August and we learned there had been progression of his tumor.  He passed away in the beginning of November.   This was a terribly difficult process and has left a huge hole in our hearts.  He is and will continue to be missed.  We do have wonderful memories and many fun stories to tell his first grandchild.   
The holidays have flown by and I still continue to grow, or I should say our baby girl continues to grow.  She is very active and I feel her kicking often.  We have been getting her room ready and getting the house ready as well.  Red is all grown up, 80 lbs at last count.  We have had quite a year, probably some of the best and worst times of our lives.  I'm hoping for a less eventful and healthy 2011.

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