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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pregnant memories 2

    Thought it would be good to write down a few more memories about my pregnancy.  We had a second ultrasound to look better at brain structures and everything measures just fine.  It was nice to see her again and we were able to confirm girl!  (apparently she'll spread her legs easily but won't show us her head, hmmm...)
     First the baby moving.  It is really incredible to feel the baby move.  At 24 weeks now, I feel her move often.  I can feel her kicking and moving, it feels likes she's doing summer salts but I'm pretty sure she's not.  She is really active in the morning and I feel her from the time I wake up till around lunch.  Then she takes a nap and I feel her sporadically through the day.  I think I'm pretty close to having others being able to feel the moving too.  The only bad part about feeling the baby move is when I realize that I haven't felt her move in a while.
    I have been trying to enjoy every step of this pregnancy and these past few weeks have been easy to enjoy.  I'm in the honeymoon stage, I can eat anything without a problem, I'm not too big that I'm uncomfortable but definitely look pregnant and have a lot of energy (for a pregnant woman).   I have less stamina and after assisting with three knee arthroscopies in a row (including a 250lb + patient) I was a tired girl, normally that would have been nothing!
    Patients and co-workers have started asking me about the pregnancy without being prompted.  An anesthesiologist who is not very tactful, or nice for that matter, asked me "fat or fetus"?  Scrubs are kind of hard because I have to get the bottoms either below or above my belly.  I'm scared the pants will fall down if I leave them below.  Strangers must not have noticed yet because I haven't really been accosted by anyone feeling my belly.
    I'm definitely getting bigger.  I try to squeeze through places I would have been able to fit through and find myself stuck.  I tried to squeeze by a full food tray at a restaurant and almost pushed the whole thing over with my belly. I have been gaining weight in jumps, I'll stay stable for a week or two and then suddenly the scale jumps.  That part is sometimes hard to enjoy but growing is also part of the process.  The only time I'm uncomfortable is reclining on my back for long periods of time, I have to turn side to side.   My belly started itching just as Lindsay gave me some great belly oil.  I missed one day that I was late and boy did I notice.  I haven't missed a day since!  THANKS SIS!!  I have also noticed that my very strong "innie" has become quite shallow.  I didn't think I would have an "outie" but I can actually see the bottom of my belly button and it's getting shallower by the day. 
    I'm going to try to take some more belly bump pictures in a variety of different outfits as I go.   Because I see myself everyday I don't necessarily notice the growth but I'm sure I am getting bigger. 

My view of the belly bump.  I can still see my shoes!


  1. 2 words: BELLA BAND!! You can get them at, and it will help keep your scrubs on. Glad to see that you're doing so well and feeling so good. Enjoy this part of pregnancy!

  2. My belly button will eventually became flat. (If it had stuck out, I think I would've had to put a bandaid over it.) Thankfully, it went back to normal afterwards.