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Thursday, October 21, 2010


     One of the tasks on my baby bump to do list is write down some pregnancy memories.  I think that most people, after they ask how I'm feeling, ask about any food cravings.  From about week 6-13 I really just focused on bland food.  I couldn't eat vegetables.  I ordered steamed veggies at a nice restaurant like normal and tried to eat them.  I put a piece of broccoli in my mouth and chewed and chewed, I couldn't swallow it!  I'm finally back to eating vegetables again!  I also walked by a vending machine and saw a Twix bar and just had to have it.  And almost beat up a kid to take his Cheetos's.   No really out of the blue or random cravings.
      Early on I was never really, really sick and was able to hide it from work.  I had a low level of nausea and had moments of flu like symptoms.  Increased nausea, weakness, lightheadedness, just overall really blah feeling.  I was pretty tired overall.  I had a free hour at work so I went down to one of the doctors offices where there is a couch to take a nap.  He wasn't there that day and it was late so I figured I was safe.  I took my shoes off, pulled up a chair to put my phone/alarm clock on and took a nap.  Of all things, he walked in!!!   He just said "Oh, are you taking a nap?  I just need to get something quick".  Very embarrassing! 
     Telling family was a big moment.  My first doctor's visit wasn't until 8 weeks and an ultrasound was done.  It felt really real after that.  The next week I was home in Michigan and the following week Pam and Steve visited us in our new house.  In Michigan, I had mom gather everyone for dinner, Grandma C, Lindsay, George, Jeff, Stef and Makinley.  I told my mom first in the kitchen by giving her the same doll she gave my grandma to tell her she was pregnant with me.  She started crying and hugged me.  Then we told everyone at the dinner table.  I had breakfast the next morning with Dad, Grandma Y, and Grandpa Y to tell them. 
    Rob told Pam and Steve just after they had arrived from their long drive from Nebraska and they were pretty tired.  He asked them if they brought their check book because they owed us $50,000.  Although Pam and Steve never pressured us for grand kids, several years ago we were all at a nice dinner and Steve said "I'm not putting any pressure on anyone but I'll give $50,000 for the first grandchild".  They were so tired from their drive they had no idea what we were talking about but were very excited when Rob told them I was pregnant. 
    I told work shortly after.  I was heading to a conference with another PA and doctor and they would obviously notice.  He wanted to go to Napa valley, tough to hide a pregnancy in Napa valley!  I was going to tell everyone on a Thursday afternoon and my boss walked up and asked me to switch to do a case that would be using joint cement.  Joint cement is not recommended to be around while pregnant so I told her I couldn't do the case, she looked at me and said, "your pregnant!"  I'm lucky this situation didn't come up before I wanted to tell work.  I told my doctor and MA just after that and then told another doctor who pretty much told everyone!  I had my first patient ask me this week as it is becoming more obvious. 
    I started outgrowing my clothes around week 12-13 and used the belly band to unbutton my pants.  It worked really well for work and I got two pairs of large yoga pants on sale from Old Navy.  By week 17 I was in full maternity pants.  Still need some more clothes for work but I'm getting by for now with some of my longer shirts.   Friends have given me some clothes that I need to try on, very excited!
    I felt the baby move for sure last week while sitting in the hospital with Steve.  I'm pretty busy with work, the dog and other things that I don't just usually sit and do nothing.  There was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing in the hospital.  I had felt questionable flutters before but this was for sure!
    My doctor had a great idea and had me record the babies heartbeat on my phone.  My last two visits, I've recorded the heartbeat.  I was able to text it to family but was unfortunately unable to upload it here.
    Well, that is enough memories for now.  I'm sure there will be many more to come.


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  1. I love, love, love this post, Kim. Keep 'em coming.