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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rebuilding the basement...

We have started the process of putting the basement back together.  We have to replace the floor boards anyway so it's time to update to nice white trim.  That means painting the existing trim and doors...  what a job.  All the doors are down, trim is sanded and painting is underway.  We also had a great guy named Abe do the drywall.  It took a team of two guys working all day for 4 days to get the drywall perfect.  It's starting to come together.  Talk about sweat equity!  (you can see why I have been absent from the blog lately)

 Painting doors...

 ...and more doors, trim in the background.  Drywall done against the wall.

 Some trim done...

Oh boy, lots to do yet

Picking colors.  We are going to go with grey.

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