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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The flood...

We had a pretty bad storm here over a month ago.  I knew that it was storming in the morning at 6 am as I was leaving for work but I had no idea what I was headed out into.  I also noticed a text from daycare that the main road by them was closed, access through a back route.   That should have clued me in that it was more than just 'a storm'.  The rain was really coming down...there was water everywhere.  Parks were now lakes but I continued on.  The rain really started coming down around 7 and the sky was really dark.  The roads where flooding as I was driving on them, like flash flooding.  Every road I tried was blocked, had to keep moving to the next one north.  I had to find a road to go over the highway, anything under was flooded.  At this point I started texting Rob not to go into work (when I was stopped of course), I knew that North Park was so close to the North Branch River that he would never have gotten there.  Turns out they closed down!  I realized it was pretty dangerous to be driving but was already closer to work and was heading to help in surgery.   Rob got Maddy to school and headed home.  He checked on the basement....  not good news.  Standing water, the carpet was floating.....  disaster.  He diligently called many companies and finally found someone who would come out.  Turns out the sump pump shorted out and the backup never came on.   It cost a lot of money just to destroy the basement, well clean it up.  They cut out drywall so the exterior walls could dry adequately to prevent mold.  All the carpet, laminate floor, baseboards, etc. gone.  Most of our stuff was OK.  We were all OK...  but WOW.  This is the damage:
 This is the cement floor underneath, must have been painted or had a weird colored glue previously.

 We were able to save the drywall on the interior walls!
 Our nice guest room
and the laundry room.

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