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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Serpent Safari

Thanks to Groupon, we went to visit a place called Serpent Safari filled with snakes, lizards and turtles.  Erin found this groupon, that due to my fear of snakes, I had skipped over many times.  She thought it would be fun to do as a group.  We all got this and finally found a time to do it.  They have the worlds largest python and despite my intense fear of snakes, we did pretty good.  We even got a family photo with a huge turtle.

 This place is inside the Gurnee Mall, just across from the rainforest café. 

 Rob and Jay found this Hurricane machine and told some story that they thought was so hilarious..  They were crying they were laughing so hard.
 This turtle is hundreds of years old.  They found a "bullet" in the shell from the civil war.
Erin's two girls and Maddy!

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