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Friday, April 5, 2013


Our plants are growing!  We have had almost 100% germination in our plants... however, I didn't really plan well.  Some of the seeds germinated really early, like beans in 5 days.  Others take a lot longer, like Marigolds in 21 days.  So, as the early ones started growing I needed to take the lid off our greenhouse but many of the late germinators still needed to be covered.  So I bought a second greenhouse so I could cover one and uncover the other.  However, I bought the wrong size.  So I couldn't just transfer the plants.  So I bought another one that is the right size.  So now I have three greenhouses, all growing random plants at different stages, one giant been plant and a tin that was a strawberry kit.  I also realized that with my initial planning I would only end up with one green bean plant.  I figured that wouldn't probably produce enough at one time for a meal serving so I have added a few more beans. They grow so quickly that I'm going to keep growing them in stages to have a steady supply of beans all summer.  Now to keep them all alive.....  so far so good:

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