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Monday, March 25, 2013

Planting seeds

For the past few years, I was given a few tomato plants, peppers, herbs and flowers for Mother's day and last year Maddy just loved to help me water them.  Every couple of days we would come home and water the plants.  It actually helped me remember to do it.  This year I thought we could start from scratch and try to plant seeds to grow.  We went to the library and got a few books on planting seeds so Maddy could get an idea of what we were about to do.  I started the pods and most of the seeds but saved a few for her.  She is pretty young to plant seeds, they are so small and planting requires a bit more fine motor skill than she has but over all we had fun.  It is day 5 and we already have some growth!  So fun... This is the day we started:

 There are three seeds to a pod (and a few Maddy randomly sprinkled around)

5 days later, we admire the growth!!

It's a little hard to see with these small pictures but a few are really growing!  I think i'm so pleasantly surprised by this because I'm not usually good at growing things.

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