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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have been on a bit of a kick to get out and go to the local Museums with Maddy.  Before Christmas we were busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, shopping, and me taking my board exam (which I passed by the way).   I decided to take Maddy to the Kohl's Children's Museum on the first day that I had off after taking my exam.  I had spent so much time at the review course and studying that I just wanted to have a day with her. That morning I was a little late getting started, then got lost but we finally made it.  As I paid for our tickets the woman says "Did you know that we close in an hour?"  I obviously didn't but decided to go ahead anyway.  It is such a cute little place for kids and just perfect for her age.  There is a baby nursery where they can use stethoscopes to listen to the baby's, look at x-rays, check their reflexes, weigh them and put them to bed.   They also have a grocery store with little kid sized shopping carts and checkouts, water room, car area and so many other things to do and pretend.  We will have to go back when we have a little more time....  Here are some pictures of our trip:

 The future Dr. Berki!

 Driving the car, had a hard time giving the other kids a turn...

 Knew exactly what to do with the computer

 Wore a smock in the water room but still got really wet!

 Running around the water room

Playing the musical instruments

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