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Friday, January 4, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

Maddy just loves Santa.  If we see a lawn ornament, picture of Santa or anything that resembles Santa in a commercial she gets so excited "HO HO!!... more HoHo".   So I actually thought she might sit on his lap well, boy was I wrong.  The first time was something we decided to do on a whim because they advertised live reindeer.  We ended up with a family photo and Maddy sat by but not on Santa's lap....  The next was breakfast with Santa at Macy's.  I really tried to talk about sitting on Santa's lap and really get excited about how we were going to see Santa...  She did fine but did NOT want to sit on his lap (you can see her skeptical look in this photo:) Our final experience with Santa did not go well at all, I'll blog about that later....

Breakfast was great!  It was a nice buffet and then you could wait in line to have a picture.  They allowed us to use our own camera's and even took group pictures for us.  It was a great morning!
 Our group!  

 Maddy got a balloon animal and of course wanted a dog!

 A group shot from L to R:  Mrs Mueller, George, Lindsay, Grandma Culver, Jr., Maddy, Me and Mom

 Grandma got a little frisky with santa!

Looking at the big Christmas tree, she is so excited she is dancing!

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