Well, the Golden Retriever isn't a puppy anymore and the plus one is almost 3. It's craziness here!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Maddy loves books and loves to go to the library.  It has become a Sunday ritual.  The basement of our Library is all kids books and they have a stuffed bear, almost exactly the same size as Maddy to great the kids.  We find our way to the board books and she grabs a book and sits at the reading table.  She is so cute!!  Here is the bear this past weekend and another trip earlier this summer:

 Maddy always greets the bear.  One time she was afraid of it and I'm thinking she might be a little fearful next time...  the video later will explain.

 Sorting through books at Barnes and Noble

 This is the sitting area at the Library.  She does this on her own, picks out a book and goes to sit and read.  It's like she knew exactly what to do with the given situation.

This time the bear was dressed as a chef???

And this is the reason that I'm pretty sure she will be scared of the bear next time....  You can hear me laughing...  oops!

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