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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Firefly Race

Maddy ran (or rode) her second 5K race this past weekend.  Grandpa and Kathy came into town to run and it was such a fun race.  It is called the Firefly race and started at 7:45 at night.  Everyone was encouraged to dress up in glow in the dark attire and there was even a prize for the best costume.  I took a trip to the dollar store and bought just about every different size glow-in-the-dark thing I could find.  We had a good time decorating ourselves and the stroller:
 Getting ready for the race.  The yellow straps had blinking red LED lights, everyone was given two.

 Grandpa keeping Maddy busy with a short walk as we waited for the race to start.

This is the stroller as we lined up for the race.  It was pretty dark.  It was really neat as the race weaved around to look ahead or back at all the runners and see this wave of glow-in-dark and blinking red.  Other than the uneven terrain of the waterfront trail being difficult to navigate in the dark, it was a great and fun race!!

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