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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

18 months

     I can't believe that my sweet little girl is 18 months old.  I've been thinking about how to put into words all the cute and wonderful little things that she does so that I can remember them forever.  The biggest thing that makes her so sweet is her kisses.  She will kiss her dolls, animals, characters in books, the little baby on the yogurt container, herself in the mirror and most lovingly me.  She puts her lips together and does a "mmwa" kissing noise.  She does the same with hugs and loving pats to Red dog.

    She is talking more and more.  She has almost 20 words and will repeat many more words.  Her most recent words are bubbles (and will point to all small circles and call them bubbles), baby, and Elmo.  The word Elmo cracks me up because we didn't have anything Elmo but I've seen them reading an Elmo book at school.   Grandma bought her a crab sandbox that is a big red container with big white eyes.  I think that she is calling it Elmo!  She also continues to use sign language and will sign words like all done, more, potty, diaper and please.  I'm such a proud mama when she learns a new word or sign.  She does some animal noises and her shape sorter like a pro.  She will still sit through almost 10 books before bed and they are some of her favorite "toys".  She loves to walk her horse and stroller around the house. 
    She has started sitting on the potty and occasionally goes.  If I find that her diaper is still dry after some time, I'll bring her in and sit her on her musical potty.  Last week she went on the potty twice in one day and I started thinking we might be headed somewhere....  the next day she sat on the floor next to her potty and peed on the floor.  We might not be as close as we thought but she seems to like it.

    She is such a good sleeper, we are so lucky.  She just loves her bed and went through a stage where she didn't even want me to rock her, she would point over at her crib.  Now she will rock for a little bit but has a hard time getting comfortable.  When I put her down in her crib, she hugs her blanket and then kicks her legs and feet until she is in just the right spot.  I often change her before I go to bed and she goes right back to sleep.  We are so lucky!  Happy 18 month birthday, my dear Madison!  You are loved.

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