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Thursday, August 2, 2012


We packed it all in at Disney!!  Wednesday when we got there, we put Maddy down for a nap and then headed to Hollywood Studios.   We saw the Voyage of the little Mermaid which was a live production and had a scary Ursula.  We then waited for Rob to do the tower of terror and watched the Muppet's 3D show.  We got up early the next morning to be at Magic Kingdom when it opened.  We did buzz light year, it's a small world, peter pan, (pooh was closed), Dumbo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and walked through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.  We were all burned out from the heat so went back to rest and let Maddy nap.  That night was parents night out and the grandparents watched the kids.  We went to Epcot for "drink around the World".  We quickly realized that not everyone could buy a drink in every country, but someone had a drink in every country and we snacked as we went.  We did take a group picture in every country and had a blast.  We decided to go home after the park closed at 9 and thought that the Grandma's would have the baby sleeping.  We quietly entered the room and it was empty, no Grandma's, no baby....  They walked in about 15 minutes later...  they out lasted us!  They had a nice night at Downtown Disney.
   Friday was a fun day that started with the buffet at the hotel and the Animal Kingdom with the Safari ride.  It was really cool!  We had a Giraffe cross in front of our truck, he was so close!  Maddy could easily see most of the animals and would point at them and get excited to see them.  We also tried the Nemo musical and it was so loud and the fish came out into the audience, we had to leave.  Again, the heat got to us and we left for air conditioning and nap.  We had to get ready for the character dinner and Maddy had a new Disney outfit from her Grandma's.  Maddy was terrified of the Characters....  at one point she almost knocked over a table trying to get away from Goofy.  We then headed for Magic Kingdom again and tried to do Aladdin magic carpet ride but it started to storm and when the lightening started all outdoor rides shut down.   We were right by the tiki room and where else do you go when the weather is bad???  Maddy liked the singing birds and danced to the music.  We headed over to do it's a small world again after getting a fast pass for pooh.  I'm so glad we didn't wait in line for a long time....  it was such a weird ride.  We quickly left the park to avoid the rush from the fireworks.
   Saturday started at Epcot where we did the land boat tour, Nemo ride, and ate lunch at Mexico.  We decided to get Maddy back for a nap and our mom's stayed to finish the country tour. Saturday evening ended with a trip back to Animal Kingdom park.  We wanted to do the kids "petting zoo" area but missed the last train.  We rode a few rides and walked around looking at the animals.  We ended up eating at the Rainforest Cafe as it was a quick option and it was already 7pm.  The next morning we spent a little time by the pool and headed our for the airport.  The plane ride home was at nap time and she slept almost the whole way.  Maddy was such a good girl and we all had so much fun!  Here are a few group pictures:

 This was supposed to be our great family picture, takien at the beginning of the day before we all sweat through our clothing... a little foggy.  I hope it turned out on another camera...

In front of Cinderella's castle of course! 

Dressed up for our character dinner, before the poor baby was terrified! 


At the Animal Kingdom, not sure why we are posing weird....

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  1. The Disney pictures remind me of when we all went together in the fall. We have videos of you and Lindsay saying mean things to each other like adolescent sisters sometimes do. I loved our matching yellow ponchos--all twelve of us. There's nothing like Disney!