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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mama Bear

Maddy seems to be so sweet that someone at daycare wants to keep taking a bite of her.  She has been bitten twice so far.  Nothing brings out my "mama bear" like someone hurting my little cub.  I know it is not the kids fault....  Maybe "he" is just teething, maybe he has some other issues, and maybe the teachers just aren't paying attention.  He is really to young to know better.  I'm just speculating that it is a "he" and I'm not even sure at this point it was the same kid.  But this is the second time and something needs to change.   I talked to the administrator today and I'll be following up tomorrow.    I mostly hope that Maddy doesn't learn to bite because of this....
Here is the bruise from the first bite.  No broken skin and she seems to have healed just fine.  She will heal from this second bite too.  Poor Maddy!

This is how I will act....  Nice and calm, protecting my baby!!


This is how I feel......

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  1. AMEN sister! When I heard I felt that way too! good for you for keeping calm! - Ashley