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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Number pictures

I took these photos on time but I'm late with posting them, again.  It's been a busy week.  Maddy has RSV and we didn't realize it until the day after we were out to the Shedd Aquarium and then to a super bowl party.  I'm scared to think how many other kids she infected.  She didn't seem that sick, just a little runny nose.  Then the fevers and difficulty breathing came.  Went to the doctor and positive for RSV.  She has been home from school for 3 days now and we hope to return Friday.  The doctor gave us an inhaler, wow, I give mom's with kids that have asthma a lot of credit.  It is NOT easy to get her to use the inhaler...  Overall she seems much improved.  But before the sickness began, her 11 month pictures:

See my top teeth mom!!

What a cute look!

Another look.  I think that she can look really different with the faces that she makes.

We had a slight difficulty with her hair, it's got just enough curl to be pretty unruly at times.

I love this look.  I can tell she's "talking" in this picture.

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