Well, the Golden Retriever isn't a puppy anymore and the plus one is almost 3. It's craziness here!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Was looking through my pictures and didn't really have anything new so I decided it was time for more memories.  I hope that I can always remember when she:

- pointed with her middle finger (and people notice)
- dances to any music, singing, or even if you just say "dance, dance, dance", she will swing her hips if standing and if sitting moves herself side to side.  Her dancing has become quite a spectacle at daycare.
- will try to sing with me as I rock her to sleep.  It's more like her making a noise and almost humming along with my singing.
- loves to look at herself in the mirror and gives herself kisses
- will give her baby doll love, lay on her, smother her and give her kisses  (see previous post)
- will give us love, putting her head into our shoulder and "hugging"
- loves to read, will read up to 10 books in one sitting.   Even as she has started moving more, she will still sit and listen, touch and feel and open the pop-ups.  She loves Brown Bear, Tails (touch and feel), On the night you were Born, Mr. Walrus (pop-up), Dear Zoo, Ladybug Girl, and I love you through and through.
- switched herself to one nap a day before 10 months, even at daycare. 
- continues to have some difficulty with eating but continues to improve every day.  Has much stronger preference on food items, tastes and textures now.  Won't eat most of the organic expensive foods...  go figure.
- i mostly hope that I remember how happy she is, dancing, talking, independent yet attached and how fun it is to be her mother.

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