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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Omaha Zoo

The Omaha zoo is just wonderful.  I remember going there with Rob on one of my first visits to Nebraska.  Maddy had a great time and loved looking at all the animals.  We had a great time too!

A monkey and her baby. 

 Another monkey and her baby.  Just kidding, it's me and Maddy.  This is in the rain forest.

 This orangutan is hanging from its feet, the hand are down in front.

 These two were swinging back and forth trying to touch hands.
 This was really cool to watch them touch hands.

 We rode the carousel.

 Visited the petting zoo.  I think these little goats weren't that impressive compared to her Red Dog.

Family picture!  Maddy passed out after eating.  She had a great day at the zoo!!!

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