Well, the Golden Retriever isn't a puppy anymore and the plus one is almost 3. It's craziness here!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So cute!!

Caught a couple of cute pictures of her recently.  Most are of her eating.  We started at 5 months with rice cereal and added barley cereal a few weeks later.  Just before month 6 we started vegtables.  I started with peas.  I don't know why I started with peas but after learning that peas have the most fiber I decided that was a bad idea.  I then decided that I would make peas for her.  I bought a hand mill but it wasn't fine enough so I also used our stick mixer.  She still choked on them and what I did get down her caused diarrhea.  Anyway, we have worked our way through peas, sweat potatoes, green beans and squash.  We'll finish a few more vegtables and work our way through the fruits. 
 rolling around the room

 So sweet while she's sleeping!!

 Yummy Green Beans

 This is the face she gets with first bite of the day, with almost everything we've tried.  She has a bad face and them proceeds to eat it all!


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