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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big Birthday Celebration

My Grandma turned 80.  I can't believe it, she seems so young at heart!  She has always been there for me, listening to my problems, giving great advice and supplying me with a fairly constant supply of mashed potatoes my entire life.  We had a big day for her, some of it was quite a surprise!
We started the day by going to church with her.  My uncle and cousin sang special music.  They are very talented people and she has such a beautiful voice!    There was an announcement that started the surprise, that the entire church was invited to her house for cake and coffee in celebration.  She was shocked!!

  Then we had lunch at the Lake House.  All of the family was there except two cousins who are out of town.  It was a great lunch.  Here she is with Maddy, they match!!

 Mom with her kids and grandkids!  They are all so close in age, what fun!

 Happy Birthday Grandma!!!  Back to Grandma's house for cake and coffee.  What she didn't know was that my mom had snuck into her house, copied her address book and invited all the people that she knows to her house.  They were asked to bring a long stem flower and we started with 30 pink roses, one for each member of our family.
 Some of my beautiful family, what a big help these ladies are!

 Cousin found the tub of toys.

 Lots of people filled her house; neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.

 Great-grandma's youngest but biggest fan!

Playing with Grandpa and Great-grandpa.  What a lucky girl.

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  1. I wish I could have been there! What an awesome day for Grandma!