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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birth Story

**WARNING**  There are specific details about my delivery in this post **
     The craziness started at about 2 AM on Wednesday March 2nd when I woke to go to the bathroom.   I peed and something was a little off, enough to make me turn on the light.  I noticed a strange color to the urine and also that I wasn't really able to stop the fluid.  It was lightly blood tinged and I couldn't remember the last time I felt her move so I was concerned.  I was only 37 weeks and 3 days and not really prepared for this.  My sister went a week late and we had such similar pregnancies I assumed I would be full term or late myself.   I woke Rob so I had someone else to freak out with me!  I called my doctor but another doctor was on call.  She suggested I go to the hospital to determine if it was my water breaking or not, I still wasn't sure at this point.  I started adding clothes and things to my hospital bag and Rob decided to shower.  I thought that was a great idea so I jumped into the shower too (such a great idea!!!).  We grabbed our car seat out of the box and left for the hospital.
     I checked in through the ER and was brought up to Labor and Delivery in a wheel chair.  I changed and was hooked up to monitors and a piece of paper with some chemical was used to confirm that my water did indeed break, this was going to happen today!!!  At times this all was very overwhelming and I had to take things a step at a time.  I think mostly because I wasn't ready and wasn't in charge!! It was about 4 AM now and we decided to wait just a little bit and then call our mothers.  Nothing was really happening that I could tell and I was not dilated at all yet, I thought it could be a long day.  At an appropriate time we started texting friends and calling work.  I was very comfortable and was thrilled when the nurse came in and told me that I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes.  I was given antibiotic doses every 4 hours and with the second dose the plan was to start Pitocin.  My nurse was concerned that with contractions every 2-4 minutes that it shouldn't be started but I still wasn't dilated at all.  Pitocin was started around 10:00 and the contractions came on hard and strong.  They were getting very strong and very close and occasionally right on top of each other.  I was trying to use breathing techniques and was getting through but concerned at how strong they had become.  I planned to get an epidural and was worried if I would be able to hold still with back to back strong contractions.   They checked me again before noon and I was already dilated 3-4cm.  We started the process of getting the epidural and by 1:00 I was mostly pain free.  The epidural was mostly right sided, my right leg was completely numb so i tried laying on my left side and that helped a little.  That three hours of strong, quickly progressing contractions was a very tiring experience, even harder than the pushing.  My mom and grandma arrived at this point and I continued to progress.  They checked me again around 3:00 and I was 9cm dilated.  My doctor was not on call and I ended up with three different doctors throughout the day.  Good thing I had a great Labor and Deliver nurse.  Maggie was amazing!!
     The first scary incident happened with one of the very first attempts at pushing when the babies heart rate went way down.  It was so low and for a long enough time that the charge nurse saw on the monitors and came into the room to check on things.  I was given oxygen and laid on my side for several contractions to allow her heart rate to increase.  Maggie had me rest every other contraction at that point for the baby to rest too.  At some point during the pushing Pam arrived.  My mom and Pam were both able to stay in the room along with Rob for the delivery.   The second scary moment happened during the pushing when muconium was noted.   This can indicate that the baby is under stress.  These two scary moments in addition to my group b strep positive status and my doctors concern that the baby was small had me worried.  I was supposed to go in for an ultrasound this same day to check her size.  Due to all these factors they called a neonatologist to the room when she was born.  When she came out she immediately cried a good strong cry and I was so relieved!!!  They took her immediately over to the neonatologist to check her out and her first APGAR was a 9.   I was just elated at this good news!  She looked really good.  I was finally given my baby and as I started talking she looked up at me with wide eyes with a knowing look, she found her mom.  I started crying at this amazing connection and my wonderful perfect gift.
     Madison had been so good to me throughout the entire pregnancy and this continued through the delivery. She scared me a little but overall it was a great birth experience.

     Getting checkout by the neonatologist.

Maggie the nurse watching all the family and pictures.

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