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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Blues

I had read about the hormonal changes and emotional ups and downs associated with that after birth.  People often refer to this as the baby blues.  It is not postpartum depression but a milder issue that includes crying and emotional changes.  Boy did I have this, and pretty bad for several days.  Now even when not pregnant or just having delivered a baby I cry pretty easy.  I cry at most movies and occasionally at TV shows or commercials, but this was just crazy.  I would cry for any reason, not really know why I was crying, cry because I loved her so much, then cry because I wondered if I loved her enough.  This lasted about two days and I couldn't even talk about it without crying.  I was starting to feel like my emotions were getting the best of me and taking over.  It was pretty scary.  I did a little research online and took a postpartum depression screening test that reassured me of what I didn't have.  Some of the information helped to reassure me that this was normal and it has pretty much completely resolved.  If I find myself crying now I probably just need more sleep.  And I still can't sing 'You are my sunshine" to her, who would end a song with "Please don't take my sunshine away" and consider that a happy song!!!

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  1. You need to go shopping, Kim. That usually cures anything that ails you.