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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work shower

I have such a great group of people that I work with.  They threw me a baby shower last night.  It was so fun and everyone was so generous.  One of my co-workers is quite the photographer and took over 100 photos of the shower.  Here are a few:
 Decorations in the conference room.

 Every time Dr. Luke sees me he says "look at that"

 Opening presents

 Cute monkey outfit with monkey feet.

 Great outfit with a hoodie.

 This bib says "My mom is hotter than your mom"
 Hair bows, how cute!

 Go cubs! (this is from a White Sox fan!!)

 Kumja, my boss decided to help to speed things up.

 Dr. Schroeder bought the food and gave me a very generous gift card, very nice!!  He stopped by to say HI.

 A very pretty and fancy dress...  I hope we have a nice summer wedding or something to go to!

 A group of people went in on a high chair, what nice gift.

 Kumja and some x-ray girls
Cheryl and Michelle.  Michelle is Dr. Schroeder's MA and is just wonderful!!
Michelle and the x-ray girls.

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