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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pregnancy memories almost 36 weeks

     I am almost 36 weeks and getting very excited.  It is still hard to imagine not being pregnant and having a baby in the house!  I'm getting pretty big and didn't ever imagine gaining this much weight!  As big as I look, and people don't hesitate to tell me how big I am, I measured low at my previous doctor visit.  The next visit I was right on but they still wanted to do an ultrasound to check her size.  She estimated 5 lbs 6 oz.  She feels that is a low estimate because her head is so low she didn't feel she was getting a full circumference.  They also measured the femur for sizing, and fluid levels.  All looked good.  The nurse practitioner checked to see if I was dilated due to the back pain I have but I was not.   She also noted how low her head is.  So happy that all is well.
      I have been instructed to do kick counts.  I was a little flaky with this previously because who has an hour, twice a day to sit around and count kicks.  Well, as you can imagine there is an app for that!!!  It has made it really easy, I just set my cell phone next to me, tap it when she kicks and continue with my work or whatever I'm doing.  It also has a contraction counter which will probably come in handy in the near future because my husband never wears a watch.
     My back pain is getting to be a bit out of control while sitting.  Our spine doctor noted that she is probably pushing against my sacrum.  The great thing is it almost disappears when I stand and move around.   Even when it is really bad, one Tylenol usually helps.  I have been doing a lot of walking laps around the kitchen and changing positions quite frequently.  I just caught a cold which I really could have done without.  I was on the borderline of sleeping well before the cold and this has put me over the edge.  I feel better now, still very congested and terrible sounding cough.   I'm also still having occasional calf cramps but none that i'm still sore for several days.  I wake at night when I feel them coming on and just say 'oh no, oh no'.  Last night Rob says while i'm crying, did you eat a banana today?  OK, enough complaining!
    I'm going to have a friend from work take some pregnancy pictures of me this weekend.  She does wedding photography and we were neighbors for a few months while in the apartment.  Red is going to love seeing her dog Gibson again!!!
    We are almost done with the prenatal classes.  The first class was fine until we started practicing relaxation techniques where the coach strokes the pregnant lady to help her relax.  I'm pretty sure if I'm tense in labor I don't want Rob stroking me.  The main thing we learned from that exercise is to pay attention if I'm tense and carefully point it out.  We also discussed the stages of labor and did some basic breathing exercises.   It made me feel a little more in control to have some techniques to get me through the beginning stages of labor while I'll hopefully still be at home.  I also plan to pack a bag and plan for a possible water breakage in the near future.
   I have had one family shower so far and have a work shower this next week and a shower thrown by my friends next weekend.  Rob's work had a surprise baby shower for him this week.  We got some really cute things!!!  Will post some of the pictures from our photo session this weekend and of the future showers too!

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