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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby's nursery, so far...

Have been working hard getting the baby's room ready and every time I add something new I just love how it is coming together.  We still need a lot of stuff and I have several showers coming up that I'm so excited for!  Also need some wall decor. I still have some cleaning to do, not sure how to best clean the blinds and it needs a good vacuuming but we are getting there:
 This floor lamp looks like it is right out of a Dr. Seuss book!  (Thanks Mom!)

 The fairly empty book shelf, will have to get more stuff to fill this,

 All of her clothes so far, some pretty cute stuff in there.

 The somewhat organized closet.  By organized I mean the clothes are in order of size.

 Our Dr. Seuss like stool from Ikea.

 The great Dr. Seuss sheet with a few characters.

A comfy rocker/glider with a little stand for supplies. (Thanks Pam)

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