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Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy lady at Walgreens

  I went to Walgreens last week to pick up my Christmas cards.  I needed a few other things so I was walking through the store near the Christmas stuff.  A young girl was playing with an oddly shapped ball that would bounce in crazy directions and running after it.  It bounced right in front of me and I could see this all happening so I was very careful not to trip on her.  Her mother saw what happened and even though I had a jacket on could tell that I was pregnant.  She decided this was a teaching moment and started pointing at my stomach and yelling at her daughter "do you see this, she has a baby in her belly, if you made her fall it could have hurt her baby".  She just kept pointing at my stomach and saying look at this, look at this, there's a baby in there.  I was actually quite embarrassed and could feel my face turning red....  and you thought I was going to be the crazy lady, didn't you?

PS. Rob said I should have told her I wasn't pregnant, HAHA

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  1. I actually laughed out loud at Rob's suggestion :)